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Tax Preparation Services

Having a professional do your taxes is guaranteed to make tax time so much easier.

Our Certified Public Accountants are trained to file your taxes to get you the best possible return. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure that you are receiving the most deductions on your filings.

Why Choose
Shreeve & Landry

Efficient & Convenient

Our firm offers remote tax preparation services to clients who are too busy or live out of state. We handle everything from document gathering to appointments, and keep clients updated throughout the process.

Your Dedicated

Our accountants are highly skilled and personable, creating strong relationships with clients that last for years. They are dedicated to staying up-to-date on tax laws and reaching out to clients who can benefit from this information.

Goodbye to DIY
Tax Hassles

Our firm offers expert tax advice, which is more personalized and reliable than do-it-yourself tax software. Our accountants work with clients year after year, getting to know their situation and helping them navigate life events and tax planning.

No More Tax Headaches

You may feel frustrated with generic or impersonal tax preparation services. They may not receive expert advice from DIY software or have a clear understanding of why they owe taxes or have a smaller refund. They may also feel disconnected from their tax preparer, who they view as too busy to communicate or too impersonal. This can result in a lack of personalized attention and inconsistent advice from year to year. These clients are seeking a tax preparation solution that provides personalized attention and expert advice from a trusted advisor.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your
Tax Preparation Needs

our tax preparation services aim to make the process of filing taxes as effortless as possible for you. Our team of experienced and certified accountants uses their expertise to ensure that your returns are accurate and in compliance with the latest tax laws. 

Individual Returns (Form 1040)  

Tax Form 1120.png

C-Corp Returns
(Form 1120)  

1065 Tax Form.png

Partnership Returns (Form 1065)

Tax Form 1120S.png

C-Corp Returns
(Form 1120S)  

Payroll Taxes.png

Payroll Taxes
(Federal and State)  

Amended US.png

Amended Returns (Federal and State) 

Effortlessly Upload Your Tax Documents from Anywhere

​We utilize a convenient, user-friendly client portal system along with an accompanying smartphone app that our clients love! This allows our clients that receive their tax documents in the mail to easily snap a photo and upload these docs directly into their portal. They don't have to save stacks of documents and physically bring them in to us, they can upload items at their convenience, and we are immediately notified that it has been added.  


For those clients that are very busy and/or live out of state - we can handle their taxes without needing to meet in person.  We automatically update our clients as we take each step through the tax process. We draft the return, review it for additional tax deductions or tax credits, send requests for digital signatures, e-file the return and let you know when your return has been accepted by the government agencies.

Guaranteed Risk-Free
Tax Preparation Services

Our tax preparation services also include expert assistance in resolving any correspondence regarding previous tax filings. Our team of certified public accountants is well-equipped to handle any issues or discrepancies that may arise and will work with you to ensure a prompt and satisfactory resolution. With our experience and knowledge, you can feel confident in relying on us to take care of your tax needs, giving you peace of mind and a stress-free experience.

Our Team of
Trusted Advisors

Meet the Professionals at Shreeve Landry

Travis Shreeve

 Masters Degree in Accounting, Active Utah CPA license, Over a decade of experience in audit and tax, Experienced small business consultant, Specializes in Independent Accounting procedures for the Utah Film Commission Motion Picture Incentive Program.


Allison Blood

Masters Degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Taxation, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Utah, Over 10 years of experience in taxation for individuals and businesses, consolidations, and multi-state returns, Smart and efficient CPA.


Travis Landry

Masters Degree in Accounting with an emphasis in Taxation, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Over a decade of experience in accounting and tax, Expertise in tax planning and budget preparation, Passionate about building long-term relationships with clients.

Shaun Morrow.jfif

Shaun Morrow

Certified Public Accountant, Experience in public accounting since 2017, Passionate about working with small business owners, Helps clients manage their accounting and taxes to focus on business growth.

Here is what our clients have to say

Don't miss out on the personal connection we create.

Your money and taxes are a very important and often private matter. By working with our firm, you will know and feel that we have your best interest in mind.  We are professional, confidential, and caring. Don't miss out on the ease of a user-friendly portal system that will allow you to upload their documents from your phone or home computer.  


Our clients can rest assured that our software system protects their information at the highest level and isn't just sitting out for anyone to look at or take.   

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